Special Offer Pricing (limited time only):

Product Speed Setup Price(+vat)
Product Type - National
Service Speed
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
10Mb/s Leased Line 10Mb/s £Free £300
100Mb/s Leased Line 100Mb/s £Free £500

What Others are charging for the same product

In order to highlight how good this deal is, we have obtained some alternative quotations for a post code in central Manchester, one of the areas which qualifies for our special offer on 100Mbp/s leased lines.

Quote 1


This first and cheaper of the 2 quotations is clearly more expensive than our offering, even before you add on the cost of a managed router. On a 3 year contract term , our 100Mbp/s leased line would come in at £13,665.75 less expensive.

The above pricing is based on a 3 Year Contract, with quarterly payment terms and is subject to survey and confirmed carrier costings at the point of order. Pricing may vary depending on the results of the survey or carrier availability at the premises. All pricing will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. For a comprehensive quotation, please utilise "Contact Us Online" above, or click here.

*The prices quoted here were from Talk Talk Business and Virgin Media for a central Manchester site. Both were provided in July 2012. A copy of both quotations are available on request.


UK Leased Line: Features

uk leased line UK Leased lines from 256kbps to 1Gbps
broadband services Available with ADSL lines in the UK and ISDN backup services to provide resilience
broadband services Connectivity from multiple access points across the UK and internationally in over 100 countries
uk leased line Full on-line reporting of utilisation, availability and latency included with every UK Leased Line
broadband services Connection to our fully resilient, independent, international network
uk leased line 24x7x365 UK Based Pro-active Support and Monitoring
uk leased line Fully Managed, pre-configured and supported  router/switch supplied with every UK leased line, including ongoing monitoring and optional customer alerts with our remote systems
uk leased line Hardware support contracts are available, providing a guaranteed 4 hour replacement available 24x7.
broadband services Providing a high speed, reliable, secure and private Internet connection dedicated solely to your company
uk leased line Optionally we offer Cisco IOS NetFlow reporting. This provides a key set of services for IP applications, including usage-based network billing, network traffic accounting, network planning, Denial of Service monitoring capabilities, security and network monitoring. NetFlow provides valuable information about network users and applications, traffic routing and peak usage times
uk leased line Secure UK internet access with UK broadband internet lines or UK ADSL lines is available with our firewall service
broadband uk VPN and remote dial access options are available for UK leased line customers
uk leased line Pricing is subject to minimum 12 month contract on UK leased line broadband services
uk leased line We offer Worldwide Broadband Leased Lines
broadband services Discounts are available on 2-5 year contracts