What Type of Company Needs a UK Leased Line?

UK leased lines will benefit any UK company that is reliant on the Internet for their business, it replaces the traditional UK broadband with a much more secure, reliable and fast internet connection that can provide exceptional service for voice, data and Internet traffic. Any organisation, including private or public companies who require the services listed below will find a UK leased line beneficial to their business:

uk leased lines UK Leased lines offer low latency connections, ideal for VoIP and other time-sensitive traffic
uk leased line High availability and high speed access to websites, e-commerce sites and any servers hosted at your premises
uk leased lines Un contended Internet access
uk leased line Up to 100% SLA (Service Level Agreement)
uk leased lines A UK Helpdesk providing support 24x7, 365 days a year and pro-active service reporting and monitoring
uk leased line High speed uploads and downloads (symmetric connection) for transferring large volumes of company data
uk broadband SDSL and ADSL Diverse Carrier backup options, with seamless automatic failover
uk leased lines Fast access to a secondary data centre site for business continuity applications
uk leased line Fully Managed Cisco Router with a pre-configured replacement available in the event of failure
uk leased line A UK leased line will connect you directly to the CCS network and onto the Internet enabling your staff to work more effectively and more productively
uk broadband High and scalable bandwidth, to accommodate your needs as demand increases
uk leased lines Secure online transactions 24x7
uk broadband IP Addresses are provided as required, subject to RIPE guidelines and justification

With a UK leased line you have full use of Internet bandwidth on the whole line all of the time, you don't share it with multiple other companies as you may do with ADSL or regular UK broadband.